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Big shout outs go to all our industry friends who continue to turn to S.I.N. to help spread the word about their Artists by scheduling Vitamin A visits... check out our newest feature with Republic's Maliibu -n- Helene in support of their debut single "Figure 8" and keep tuned to for upcoming segments with Lunchmoney Lewis, Magic!, Dylan Francis and more...

Many thanks go out to WIHT's Toby Knapp for the quality music chat... with an extended shoutout to Captiol's Jo Hodge for allowing S.I.N. to sit in on his music meeting with Toby to check out new releases from Sam Smith and Tori Kelly.

Blessings go out to RCA's John Strazza and Kevin 'Inca' Valentini who made sure S.I.N. was in attendance to preview music from Miguel's upcoming release... check out lead single "Coffee" featuring Wale here on now! We also send Blessing to the Scott Maness and the Def Jam camp for making sure we're among those fortunate to check out New Artist Romans at his recent NYC showcase...up your 'hip' game know by being onboard with this Artist now!

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Dark clouds loom over Radio Programmers who are so caught up in their rountines that taking sometime to share feed back on a "few" releases becomes too time consuming. Whether it be calls, emails, txts etc. if we lose interest in communicating about music - we're all losing the point and focus of the business we're in.

We can't just blast Programmers when it comes to being aware about the "music" as we send lightning bolts to Label Promotion Reps who seem to spend more time pitching statistics rather the the music. The analytics are tools but remember it still about the music and how that fits with a station's sound... understand that and your stats can work to your advantage all the better.

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    "TEN FEET TALL" f. Wrabel
    "LUNAR" David Guetta f. Afrojack
    "SOVEREIGN LIGHT CAFE" Keane (Afrojack Rmx)
    "RAY BOMB"
    "SELECTA" w. Quintino
    "DO OR DIE" vs. 30 Seconds To Mars
    "AS YOUR FRIEND" Chris Brown f. Afrojack
    "THE SPARK" f. Spree Wilson
    "REPLICA" David Guetta f. Afrojack
    "CAN'T STOP ME NOW" f. Shermanology
    "RED LIGHTS" Tiesto (Afrojack Rmx)
    "THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD (TOMORROWLAND'S ANTHEM)" w. Nervo, Dimitri From Vegas & Like Mike
    "WRECKING BALL" Miley Cyrus (Afrojack Rmx)
    "TAKE OVER CONTROL" f. Eva Simmons
    "FADED" (Instrumental Album Edit)
    "ILLUMINATE" f. Matthew Koma
    "NO BEEF" w. Steve Aoki f. Miss Palmer
    "BORN TO RUN" f. Tyler Glenn
    "BEAT DOWN" Steve Aoki & Agger Dimas f. Iggy Azalea (Afrojack Rmx)
    "DYNAMITE" f. Snoop Dogg


    INTRO: Vinny The SIN
    How old were you when you realized you had a passion and talent for music?
    What artists did you listen to when you were younger that made an impact on your music?
    How long did it take you to find your sound? Do you feel like you are still developing it?
    What are your sources of inspiration when you write music?
    Have you had the moment during a performance when you looked out into the crowd and realized you have made it?
    You’ve played shows and festivals all over the world, what would you say your favorite place to perform is?
    How did you and Wrabel decide to collaborate?
    What was it like working with Wrabel on “Ten Feet Tall” as well as your new album?
    How does this upcoming release compare to your other previous releases?
    What do you want your fans to take away from this album, and what can we expect to see in the future?
    OUTRO: Vinny The SIN