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KTFM's Mark Landis gets a shoutout for becoming one the major Top 40 stations to jump out on Zhu "Faded." Thanks for being a leader Mark!

Atlantic's John McMann and the Rhythm team take a walk on the Saints side this week after securing #1 Most Added with S.I.N. favorite, Trey Songz with over 20 stations jumpin onboard his latest "Touchin' Lovin'" featuring Nicki Minaj and the #2 Most Added with Wiz Khalifa's "You And Your Friends" featuring Snoop Dogg & Ty Dolla $ign. At Urban we tip our hat to Michael Horton and the Republic Urban Squad for landing #1 Most Added with Lil Wayne "Grindin'" ...and at Top 40 Gary Spangler and crew continue to shake up support for Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" with another 70 stations coming in this week.

Always proud to expand the S.I.N. Family we're happy to welcome WNKS Charlotte MD Otis to the family. Check out his music picks in this week's Usual Suspects.

Columbia's road dog Lee Leipsner lands a blessing for knowing how to make time to say thank you. Lee we appreciate you and your professionalism. Now regarding your dislike for Almond Joy's well that's for another discussion.

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RCA's Jeff 'JR' Rizzo... Ah, it's not worth the time or effort, why feed his ego.

A late Summer heat wave burns Radio Programmers who due to limited space on their playlists chose to go MIA when it comes to keeping in communication with their record Label counterparts. Whether you have the space or not it's important to at least connect with the Label Reps so they can do their job and report back what the actual lay of the land is. To the Reps sometimes you need to back off the hard sell and listen to the information the Programmers are trying to pass on to you.

Showers drench our Label Buddies who get caught up in the downpour of Impacting New Releases that they tend to forget to follow up on the development and progress or work the rotation on records they just recently were able to get Programmers to embrace. If you don't show concern or commitment on how your own projects are building what message do you think you're giving the Programmers?

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